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​Welcome to Barely Hair!


Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming unwanted hair free! At Barely Hair, we treat all skin tones, hair colors and genders. We are transgender friendly.

If you've had a bad experience with electrolysis or laser hair removal, please don't give up on your dream of becoming unwanted hair free. We are well known for being fast and thorough, and determined to remove your unwanted hair PERMANENTLY! Barely Hair can show you how pleasant and effective electrolysis treatments can be.

We take sanitation and sterilization very seriously. Alcohol and UV lights will not kill all bacteria, Hiv-1, HBV, HCV, etc. We use the proper process to ensure safe treatments for the best results.

We use hospital grade disinfectants as per TDLC rules. Click here for more information.

If you would like to book with Senior Electrologist Alex, CLICK HERE for her direct scheduling page.

If you would like to book with Senior Electrologist Elizabeth, CLICK HERE for her direct scheduling page.

If you would like to book with Senior Electrologist Michelle, CLICK HERE

If you would like to book with Senior Electrologist Andrea, CLICK HERE

If you would like to schedule with Junior Electrologist Jordan, CLICK HERE

Free Consultation​​​​


Ready to start treatment? Have questions about electrolysis?

We offer free 20-minute consultations so you can learn about treatments and get a sample treatment.



Electrolysis is a scientific process employed to destroy hair roots Permanently. First, a thin probe is inserted into a hair follicle all the way down to the root. Then, a minute amount of electricity is applied to the root through the probe. This destroys the hair growth tissue. Finally, the hair is pulled out from the hair follicle using a tweezer. There are a number of factors that determine how many treatments each hair will need.

At Barely Hair, we use the Apilus xCell Pur electrolysis device. Watch the video below for more information on this amazing machine.

We Specialize in Electrolysis

  • Complete Beard Removal

  • Pre Op Clearing

  • Bikini and Brazilian

  • Full Back

  • Full Legs

  • PCOS

  • Hormonal Hair Growth

Our Senior Electrologists have years of experience treating these areas. We have successfully achieved permanent removal with all of our clients that have committed to the process. Barely Hair has top of the line equipment and products to provide you with the best service in town.

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